Beyond the Historic Center, where the influx of people is greater, whether due to the concentration of culture or services, Porto offers us a sweeping “marginal”, ideal for those who prefer to find themselves in the charm and tranquility of the river – a landscape classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site – another way to explore the city.

The itinerary is simple: when leaving NorteSoul Mouzinho, just go down to Cais da Ribeira and do the entire riverside route to Castelo do Queijo, without the help of Google Maps! The route is as simple as it is practical, there is no way to get lost! Car? Bus? Bicycle? Electric? Scooter? Boat? On foot? Yes, any of these means of transport takes you to your destination!

To enjoy the tour to the fullest, stay with our tips on the 5 things you cannot miss:


1. Meninos do Rio

If you come to Porto in the summer months, congratulations, as you will be able to watch the show of jumps to the river for FREE – say what Olympic Games? Meninos do Rio (River Boys) – also boys from Porto, true children of the city – have become one of the tourist attractions of the city, as a result of their courage, irreverence and good mood. Seeing them walk on the structure of the Luiz I Bridge, makes the heart of those who watch it skip a beat, and still leaves the best tightrope walkers at Cirque du Soleil flushed with envy. It is impossible not to take the camera or cell phone to record the “performance”. It is a case to say: do not try this at home (and in Porto, leave it to those who know: Meninos do Rio, of course)!


2. Porto Bridge Climb

As we say in Portugal when we ride the carousel: another coin, another… bridge! After traveling a few kilometers, we find another of the city’s ex-libris: Ponte da Arrábida. At the time of its construction, the Arrábida Bridge had the largest reinforced concrete arch in the world (about 270 meters). However, as it would be quite boring to use a bridge just to cross from one bank to another, in Porto it is also possible to climb. How? On a concrete arch 8 meters wide, on a ladder that has at least 2 meters of concrete on both sides, on which on one side we have a handrail, and on the other two steel cables. For those who suffer from vertigo, there is no better vertigo than the view from the top, for those who do not, there is no better vertigo than the view from the top … win-win! The best thing is to try and let yourself be consumed by the adrenaline! Worth it!


3. Jardim do Passeio Alegre

If you come across a long sidewalk of palm trees lined up along a garden and the river, no, you are not in Palm Beach, Florida, you have just arrived in Foz do Douro, more specifically Jardim do Passeio Alegre. Romantic in character, this garden is one of the most famous in the city, both for its unique beauty and for the convergence of services and activities that the area offers. Ideal for a stroll (couples alert! family alert! well, general alert!), it is close to the also famous Farolim de Felgueiras, where hundreds of people gather up to, of course, take that one beautiful selfie!


4. Castelo do Queijo

Castelo do Queijo (Castle of Cheese) or Fort of São Francisco Xavier? Fort of São Francisco Xavier or Castelo do Queijo? Both. In fact, the official name of this monument is Forte de São Francisco Xavier, however, due to the rounded shape of the rock on which it was built, reminiscent of the shape of a cheese, the Forte became, hmmm, let’s say, affectionately known like Castelo do Queijo. At the bottom of Avenida da Boavista, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, it is an open book with centuries of stories to tell. An unforgettable “postcard”, just like a good cheese.



5. Parque da Cidade do Porto 

Fresh air? Here. Green? Here. Nature? Here. Sports? Here. Children? Here. Family? Here. Socializing? Here. Party? Here. There is no mistake. The City Park of Porto, considered the largest urban park in the country, occupies a total of 83 hectares and more than 10 km of path, and extends almost to the sea, making it a unique case at European and world level. In addition to the obvious and fundamental environmental contribution, it is safe to say that it contributes practically the same amount to the emotional and physical well-being of those who have enjoyed it. In addition to all the green space, you can find more types of equipment / complementary infrastructures in the complex: it has a football field of 11 and another of 7, a beach volleyball field, the Pavilhão da Água and Sea Life Center. Adding to this – as if it were no small feat! – due to its size and easy access, it is the stage for renowned parties and concerts, such as Nos Primavera Sound and, in an adjacent enclosure, it also hosts the great student celebration of Queima das Fitas do Porto. It is the City Park of Porto, but – lets be real – the Park belongs to all cities and to all of us, those who visit it!


We listed 5, but it could well be 50! Enjoy each one to the fullest, with the certainty that, in
NorteSoul Mouzinho, you are close to any of them 😊


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