Whoever is from Porto is now even more from Porto!

Recently, the Porto City Council announced a card that promises to offer incredibly advantageous conditions to its residents. We are talking about access to municipal experiences and services at a symbolic price or even, in some cases, totally free – such as, for example, the use of the Funicular dos Guindais.

The card is only intended for residents with tax residency  in the city, as well as students with a room or rented house. To subscribe the card you can do it online, through the website, and follow the three steps indicated there, or in person, either in the Gabinete do Munícipe, in the municipal libraries of the city, at Teatro Rivoli, or in municipal swimming pools.

Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto, stated that this “is a positive discrimination in favor of Porto residents and follows the principle already applied in many Italian cities, where this model is practiced”, and the benefits may still come to be extended “at the suggestion of the population itself”, also commented the mayor.

We list some of the benefits associated with the Porto Card:

– Tickets for TMP shows at half price;

– 50% reduction in access to municipal swimming pool facilities;

– Free admission to all stations of the Museum of the City;

– 50% discount on all activities organized by the municipality’s cultural services;

– 10 to 20% discount on products and cultural publications from the Chamber of Porto;

– Free visit to the City Hall, by appointment;

– Free use of the Guindais elevator for all beneficiaries;

– 50% discount on bicycle parking at Parque da Cidade;

– Priority access to registration credits for activities, workshops and workshops of environmental education services;

– Inform the citizen, via SMS, that the street in which they live is cut off or warn them of any parking or traffic restrictions.

It should be noted that the Card, in this first phase, is conditioned to the measures of “desconfinamento”, warns the vice-president of the Chamber of Porto.

Whoever wants to consult more information, in addition to their own website, a mobile application will be developed very soon. CMP, and its representatives, believe that this card combined with the digital experience, will facilitate the interaction between the CMP and its citizens.

This is not a mere card. It is “THE” Card that unites the city.


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