Time Out Market – Porto

At the intersection of tradition and innovation, the city of Porto enthusiastically welcomed and inaugurated the long-awaited Time Out Market on May 2. For lovers of good food and culinary culture, this new space is an exciting addition to the city’s gastronomic scene, bringing with it the brand of quality and excellence associated with Time Out.

The Time Out name echoes around the world as an authority on culture, entertainment and gastronomy. Now, with its presence in Porto, the magazine is bringing with it a concept that already exists, for example, in Lisbon – the gastronomic market.

Located in a privileged spot in the city, next to the famous São Bento Station, the Time Out Porto Market enchants visitors from the moment they set foot in the place. The vibrant and welcoming atmosphere invites visitors to explore a diverse selection of dishes and flavors, while enjoying the unique architecture of the space.

The market has a capacity of around 650 people and is open every day from 10am until midnight. It has around 14 restaurants and a tasting room at the top of the tower.

Among the highlights of the market are Portuguese chefs who bring with them decades of experience and a palpable passion for local cuisine, such as chef Ricardo Costa, Rui Paula, Vasco Coelho Santos or Rafaela Louzada. There is also a vegetarian restaurant Fava Tonka (chef Nuno Castro), Casa Inês, by Inês Diniz (formerly Casa Aleixo), Meia-Nau, Okra Pizzaria, Tábua Rasa, Brusco Burger and Padaria Ribeiro

Each one offers a unique sensory experience, from reinvented traditional dishes to innovative creations that defy gastronomic expectations.

For visitors, the Time Out Porto Market is much more than just a culinary experience. It’s a dive into the culture and identity of Porto, where aromas and flavors intertwine to tell the story of the city through food. Porto’s Time Out Market is much more than just a place to have a meal. It is a meeting point for food lovers, a reflection of the city’s culinary diversity and richness and a testament to the innovative spirit that is driving Porto’s gastronomic scene to new heights.

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